Preroll Packaging: How Ganjapreneurs Are Bringing the Very Best of Both the Herb and Branding

Following the legalization of dispensed cannabis in some places and the increase in demand for portable options, pre-rolls are almost everywhere. They are simple, discreet, sharable, and disposable options. But, what else is making these pre-rolls such a lovely trend? Surprisingly, it’s the packaging that’s making all the difference. The Ganjapreneurs are bringing the very best of cannabis and branding. Here is how things are in the pre-roll packaging sector.

There’s more to Branding than a Cool Logo

So much goes into packaging cannabis. Though a logo is a cool branding idea, customers are looking for something extra. Luckily, the Ganjapreneurs have been able to study them and can now give them what they want. Apparently, customers want to be told a story in the packaging. It has to be visually illustrated to be compelling. Most Ganjapreneurs have been spot-on in this respect.

Distinction is Key

Every pre-roll design is different.  Each brand wants to distinguish itself from its competitors. For example, the Gabriel Cannabis pre-roll design is distinguished with a handmade glass tube that allows you to see the content inside. The Saint Joints pre-roll design comes with a luxurious theme and a few biblical styling elements. Another unique style is Royal Reserve. Like Gabriel Cannabis, the design is a tube. However, paper tubes replace glass tubes.

Child Safety is a Priority

Legal marijuana comes with its own challenges. Just because it’s allowed in some places doesn’t mean that it can be packaged anyhow. The person packaging it needs to observe child safety before the pre-rolls can be displayed on shelves. Some of the child safety approaches that the entrepreneurs are going for to encourage responsible cannabis usage are:

  • Hard-to-open packaging
  • Separate packaging for individual doses
  • Clear THC dosing

Basically, the packaging should not be appealing to children. It’s meant to target adults as they are the ones who are legally allowed to take marijuana. A majority of Ganjapreneurs strive to observe the child-safety regulations and to discourage excessive consumption through the right packaging and indicating the dosing clearly.

Practical Packaging

Ganjapreneurs are generally pragmatic. They understand that cannabis is traditionally a delicate herb. For this reason, it needs practical protective packaging materials such as glass, plastic, and recyclable boards. These materials are crafted in a way that they are able to meet the necessary safety standards before they can be used to package pre-rolls.

Product Variety

Lastly, Ganjapreneurs are becoming creative with their pre-roll packaging ideas. They want to incite cannabis users as much as possible to consider pre-rolls over other portables. Some of the most amazing products that you can get online are pre-roll cones, rolling papers, and pre-roll tubes. They are able to showcase these products in an enticing way to even motivate the traditional cannabis users who care more of the herb than the packaging.


Through great pre-roll packaging ideas, Ganjapreneurs have been able to get the most out of branding and the herb itself. From all indicators, it’s just a matter of time before pre-rolls take over the cannabis dispending sector. The pace has been set and the finish line is just a few miles ahead.

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